How to Make Money Online with Google Adsense Program

How to Make Money Online with Google Adsense Program

Nowadays every things  is too Much expensive for luxuries lifestyle, so we need to extra income from part-time job, and top benefits of bogging that you can work from any ware, I started blogging on  Feb. – 2015 and successfully I am very happy to starting earning 20k per month with effort of daily 2 – 4 hours in day. 

How will you make money online with genuine way?

My answer is ! yes can easily earn up to 20k in a month using  Google Adsense program  is the best  and genuine way to make money online.

About Google Adsense Publisher Program

Google Adsense is  a best program run by Google, in this process an  Adsense publisher  that mean’s who having website or blog with good traffic and quality content then Google will be approved their account as an publisher and allow to show Google Ads  on approved website or blog. And publisher start earning from their own website or blog.   Google Network of websites to serve automatic text, image, video or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to site according to content and audience. You can generate money on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

How it’s possible?

This was my first question before 6 month, Now I know it’s possible!  When I got 1st Payment in my Bank Account 30 Thousand Rupees.

Let’s check Requirements Making money online?

1 Website or Blog
2 50 + post
3 100 Above People Traffic on website.
4 An approved Adsense Account

5 Keep consistency for work

Adsense Address verification process

In Google Adsense address verification process you will get a pin verification code by the post card at your physical address. Note verification code will generate after completed $10. Incase you will not get pin verification code withing 2-4 weeks then you can regenerate for new verification code for second time, if not get in 2nd time due to postal or any reason then you need to request again this time you will get a form for manual  pin verification you need you fill the form and submit a scanned copy of your voter id, passport, Adhar Card And Driving license etc.  and submit the form then you will get a verification pin code at your Gmail Account. Now you need to submit your pin now your address verification is complete. 

Note: Google Adsense Payment threshold for pay is $100 (Below $100 Google won’t Release payments)

I hope you are enjoying this post , need any help email me direct : : 9555425232
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