Seo Content Is The King and Links also Major SEO Ranking Signal

As we know that many major updated done by the Google search engine to filter better search result to a user, updates like the panda, penguin, hummingbird and RankBrain algorithm for search engine result on the first page.

Seo Content Is The King and Links also Major SEO Ranking Signal

 Why Content Is The King?

Content is the king because of the search engine like Unique content rather than images according to Google guideline. I strongly suggest you if you want to keywords ranking on #1 then use only quality and informative and relevant content without any over SEO optimization, definitely this will help you to bring your website or blog on top SRPs result.


Content structure should be

  • Quality content
  • Relevant content
  • Creative content
  • Use headings and subheadings
  • Use bullets or numbering to show advantage and specific things
  • Do research work for your content and give references websites links.

Why Link Building Play Major Role For Seo Ranking?

As we know that links are one of the major ranking signals for Search engine result pages, links are still powerful for SEO ranking but need quality links not spam links for ranking if you buy or purchase then you will definitely panelized by the Google penguin.  Content is the king: well done you created a great unique content but still, you need links for ranking #1 position on the first page. So external and internal links are needed full for SEO ranking.

I hope you like this SEO tips. Any suggestion please share in comment 

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  1. Very Informative Blog! your pointer is very good and helpful for beginner in SEO. Please, Keep it up.

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    1. thanks for your valuable comment !!!

  2. Hello, I agree with you! Content Marketing has done such a big role in SEO, more and more individuals esteem quality article instead of seeing advertisment without points of interest thinking it is a spam link. Thanks for a great information you got there! Keep it up!